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The history behind Cannaflora

It was 2017 when the success story of Cannaflora began. Switzerland has legalised CBD and sales can begin. This is what the three founders Gregory and Patrick Nötzli and Benjamin Steffen thought. They opened the Cannaflora store on Zurich's Limmatplatz, which has become a permanent foothold for Cannaflora and the surrounding Langstrassen district in terms of CBD sales and hemp-related information exchange.

After the successful opening and establishment of the store on Zurich's Langstrasse, it was time to develop the company further. The profits generated by the shop were invested in the development of an online shop as well as in a second pillar, the wholesale business. Thanks to the existing network from previous activities and the newly acquired customers and contacts since the beginning of the business activities, Cannaflora was able to quickly make a name for itself here as well, which stands for quality and customer service. The additional foothold opened up countless new opportunities.

As the B2B market was now also opened up, it was possible to concentrate on internal expansion. The focus was clearly on two projects. One was the development of the in-house laboratory and the other was the expansion of the flower production.
In addition to setting up the laboratory in the physical sense, the right team also had to be put together. This team is made up of bio-chemists as well as tech and beauty specialists.

The flower production was expanded on a large scale. Cannaflora started with a small grow room, which was able to cover the quantities needed for the store with the harvest. Wholesalers demand completely different quantities, so it was soon clear that indoor production would be expanded and outdoor production would be added to the business. In the meantime, Cannaflora owns several indoor production facilities, as well as various lease agreements with Swiss farmers for the production of outdoor CBD.