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Cannaflora AG is more than just a trading company in the CBD industry, it is also a producer of various CBD products with a focus on the cultivation of CBD flowers. Through the cooperation with one of the largest cuttings producers in Switzerland, Cannaflora AG has a large network of partner producers at its disposal. Accordingly, Cannaflora AG, in cooperation with partner producers, produces CBD flowers in the indoor and outdoor area. For example, Cannaflora AG is the main shareholder of Cannaflora Farming GmbH. The entire production chain is in Switzerland and meets the highest standards. The goal is to produce high quality for our customers, because only the best is good enough for our customers.

Indoor CBD 

Indoor growing is the cultivation of cannabis indoors under artificial light. It is the counterpart to outdoor growing. Cannaflora AG's indoor CBD flower production facility is built to the highest standard and automated as much as possible. In addition to the grow room, the production facility also has a cultivation room and a drying room in which the flowers are dried gently and according to strict quality regulations. The facility is equipped with 300x 1000-watt lamps. Cannaflora AG has moved away from conventional growing equipment and has raised production to a new level. Raised beds are now used instead of the conventional pots. This means that there are always enough nutrients in the soil and that they are not only released selectively. This means that if a pipe is blocked, the plant still gets enough nutrients. Thanks to the well-coordinated grow team, three to four cultivation rounds can be carried out per year. It depends very much on the variety planted, as some take longer to "mature".

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Outdoor CBD

Outdoor growing refers to the cultivation of cannabis outdoors. Accordingly, this cultivation method is the counterpart to indoor growing. With our partner producers, CBD is not only produced indoors, but also outdoors. The outdoor CBD flowers are produced in the sunny regions of the Swiss Alps and exclusively by farmers from the respective region. Thanks to the exposed locations, the cannabis plants can benefit optimally from the natural conditions. The fields are laid out and planted according to the specifications of Cannaflora AG (e.g. sufficient hours of sunshine per day), as not every variety is suitable for outdoor cultivation. Production in outdoor cultivation is also carried out under strict agricultural guidelines and high quality standards.

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Advantages of working with Cannaflora

High quality production

Great experience of the Head of Grow
Large network of partner growers
Intermediary for cuttings