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Cannaflora AG is a leading international supplier of CBD cannabis products with offices in Switzerland and Austria.

The focus is on the well-being of the consumer and the endeavour to improve the lives of customers by providing first-class CBD-containing products adapted to every need.

By mastering the value chain and true to the motto - from Seed to Customer - Cannaflora AG is able to provide high-quality, innovative and diversified products with its three brands (Nuggez, Censation, Healthy Pet). Through the complete vertical integration and the audited quality management system, Cannaflora offers customers the opportunity to obtain good products at good prices. The goal is that everyone should have access to affordable and high quality CBD products. 


Hemp for a better world! Cannaflora's vision is to improve the world and people's quality of life through high quality cannabis products. Not only through CBD cannabis products but also through medicinal and over-the-counter THC-containing products for recreational use. We are convinced that cannabis can make a difference. And we want to be a part of that movement. 

Factors for success

Cannaflora's success factors are dynamic corporate management and organic growth, which makes the company independent and protects it from external influences. These factors are reflected in the exponential growth and the company figures. 

A history snapshot

After the successful opening and establishment of the store on Zurich's Langstrasse, it was time to develop the company further. The profits generated by the shop were invested in the development of an online shop as well as in a second pillar, the wholesale business. If you want to learn more about Cannaflora and its history, click on the button below.

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Business areas

Cannaflora AG is active in various cannabis-related business areas. This ranges from indoor and outdoor production, research and development to distribution in the company's own store, online shop and in the wholesale sector. The production facilities and the in-house laboratory are located in Switzerland. In the store and in the online shop, domestic customers can purchase all our manufactured products. In the wholesale area, we have the possibility to supply customers in the entire EU (if CBD is allowed in the respective country) via our distribution centre in Austria. You can get a more detailed overview of Cannaflora's activities by clicking on the button below...

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In order to keep the assortment customer-friendly, simple and straightforward, Cannaflora AG has decided to launch several internal brands. CBD flowers will be available for purchase under the brand "nuggez". The CBD oils will be available under the brand "Censation". In the future, various healthcare and cosmetic products will follow, which will also be available for purchase under "Censation". CBD products for your beloved four-legged friends will be offered under the brand "Happy Pet". You can get a more detailed overview by clicking on the following button...

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